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About Mask Architects

Founded in Italy in 2020 by Oznur Pinar Cer and Danilo Petta, Mask Architects builds upon the vision and groundwork established by Oznur Pinar Cer between 2014 and 2020. Drawing from a rich tapestry of diverse influences across multiple disciplines, Mask Architects proudly identifies as “inventor architects and designers.” This designation reflects our distinctive approach, seamlessly blending innovative technologies with architectural and industrial design to address contemporary challenges head-on.

Our Vision and Mission

At Mask Architects, we are not only architects and designers; we are also engineers dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology. We lead the way in technological innovation, integrating our advancements into our diverse projects. Our expertise extends to micro-mechanical design and engineering in the luxury watch industry, interior design, master planning, architectural buildings, pavilions, urban design, and product design. We have the capability to design everything and to invent and lead the technology we create.

We envision a synthesis of Science, Architecture, and Technology, continually evolving in areas such as robotic construction, mathematics, micro-mechanical design, art, interactive design, sustainable practices, climate change considerations, human physiology, public design elements, and engineered technologies in advanced technology. Our projects are not only creative and innovative but also prioritize sustainability, offering diverse experiences that enhance quality of life.

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to explore and develop new concepts that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also improve functionality and sustainability. Whether through revolutionary building materials, advanced design software, or innovative construction techniques, Mask Architects is at the forefront of transforming visions into reality.

We specialize in unique, one-off design projects that integrate innovative and sustainable approaches. Our portfolio includes luxury signature villas, residences, modular and prefabricated living spaces, resorts, hotels, luxury mansions, restaurants, master planning, public spaces, and luxury industrial design including watches, jewelry, transportation, and production. We pride ourselves on transcending limitations to create positive impacts at any scale of design.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Our firm is dedicated to addressing contemporary challenges such as climate change, promoting positive impacts, and aligning with human-centric approaches. We operate under an eco-friendly business model, actively engaging in transforming ecological and environmental conditions to meet community needs. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to develop innovative solutions that not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

Brand Identity and Design Excellence

In addition to our architectural services, we assist clients in redefining and rebuilding brand identities through a unique design approach that harmonizes with and defines the character of each brand. This service is informed by our diverse background and multi-disciplinary inspiration. Our mission extends to enhancing communities’ quality of life and addressing fundamental human needs.

Inventor Architects and Designers

We position ourselves as a new discipline where architecture and industrial design intersect. What sets us apart is the way we adapt the technological innovations we produce and invent to our own projects. Our unique and one-of-a-kind architectural projects directly respond to contemporary needs using technological requirements discovered as a result of problems and deficiencies, addressing both present and future needs. Our inventions are tailored to the region, climate, and location of our projects, striving for global equality and effectively applying our skills in any region, location, person, city, or climate that requires our expertise.

Mask Architects not only uses technology in architectural and industrial design but also develops the technology we integrate into our projects in a rational and solution-oriented way, inspired by problems and needs. This approach is why we refer to ourselves as “inventor architects and designers.” Our proactive approach underscores a commitment to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in the world through design and innovation.

Making Valuable Places

At Mask Architects, we introduce a our capability service aimed at transforming locations into valuable places through our visionary approach and commitment to sustainability. When designing architectural and design projects, we go beyond aesthetics to ensure our buildings contribute positively to their surroundings. Our goal is to enhance communities, making each project a catalyst for positive change.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We believe that every architectural building should provide tangible benefits to its location and community. Our proactive approach underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovation. When Mask Architects undertakes a project, we envision turning every piece of land we touch into a valuable asset. This means transforming areas from “stone to gold” creating significant value without compromising our environmental responsibilities.

What We Offer

Our service extends beyond conventional design to create valuable places and products. Whether it’s through luxury residences, resorts, public spaces, or industrial design, we aim to elevate and enrich every project we undertake. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, Mask Architects ensures that each development not only meets but exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment and society.


MASK Design Philosophy


Particles and Magnetic Field Behaviour in Design Strategy

MASK architects and Design company has a design philosophy and approach for creating a `Magnetic Field design Curve´ on design progress. The design philosophy we use as `the main curve which is shaped the design´ is to describe how the magnetic force (people behaviour) is distributed in the surrounding space and within something magnetic.




 Vector behaviour which is particles (humans)  in the project represent the ` human behaviour ´ in the spatial area. Each of physical vector behaviour will take a shape according to human behaviour in space. Collective human behaviour draws a `main circulation vector of the axis curve´. Magnetic field lines naturally bunch together in regions where the magnetic field is the strongest. This means that the density of field lines indicate the strength of the ` larger and density set of public Space `.




Most of us have some familiarity with experienced usable of the space and recognise that there can be forces between them. We understand that magnets (required function on space) have two poles and that depending on the orientation of the circulation axis there can be an attraction (opposite poles) or repulsion (similar poles). We recognize that there is some region extending around functions where this happens. The magnetic field describes the main circulation curve with human behaves who are required to get experience with functions.

As animals use the geomagnetic field in many ways: the magnetic vector provides a compass; magnetic intensity and/or inclination play a role as a component of the navigational map, and magnetic conditions of certain regions act as, signposts‘ or triggers, eliciting specific responses. Therefore,  in technology and science, we have been searching for unknown space-human behaviour and orientation relations. We are using a magnetic field design curve to give the right human behaviour experience while the humans are using the space. The main curve which is called the magnetic design curve indicates a fluent circulation axis for users to find requirement functions.

Our design strategy is to provide a seamless and fluent circulation axis by using a magnetic design curve in the centre of the design.

Each person has a magnetic field orientation in their brain, and it only needs to show them the right orientation way to provide benefit from science and technology. This is a Magnetic field behaviour line that is provided by human behaviour in spatial areas Briefly its main circulation axis line provides separation with a group of function in each field around the main curve and provide an orientation for users through main the way on design curve.

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