Mask  Design Philosophy


Particles and Magnetic Field Behaviour in Design Strategy


A magnetic field is a designed way that we use as a‘ The main curve which is shaped the design ‘to describe how the magnetic force (people behave) is distributed in the space around and within something magnetic.




 Vector behaves in the project represented the ‘human behave’ in the spatial area.

Each of physical vector behaves will take a shape each other according to human behaviour in space. Collective human behaviour draws a main circulation vector of the axis curve.





 Magnetic field lines naturally bunch together in regions where the magnetic field is the strongest. This means that the density of field lines indicates the strength of the ‘common public space field’.

 Most of us have some familiarity with experienced usable of the space and recognize that there can be forces between them. We understand that magnets (required function on space) have two poles and that depending on the orientation of circulation axis there can be an attraction (opposite poles) or repulsion (similar poles). We recognize that there is some region extending around functions where this happens. The magnetic field describes the main circulation curve with human behaves who required to get experience with functions.



Company History and Vision


MASK ARCHITECTS is an international architecture office in Istanbul, Germany with more than 2 years of expertise in the fields of workspace, culture, health, education, shopping, working, living and research as well as production and master planning across the world. The office is led by young Award-Winning Architect Öznur Pınar Çer and more than 5 employees – architects, designers, planners and engineers – from 3 countries are able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge collected over three generations of building experience in addition to a worldwide network of partners and experts in a variety of disciplines. Philosophy for design is ‘Magnetic Field ‘The fields affect neighbouring function along things called magnetic field lines or magnetic circulation axes. A magnetic object or function can attract or push away another magnetic object or function identified Each attraction point will be in interaction with other till from closer to remotest point’​.We combine expertise across sectors, locations, disciplines and all major building types to deliver a truly integrated way of working — resulting in high quality, effective and inspiring built spaces that take clients way beyond their expectations.