Company History and Vision


MASK architects Branding is founded in 2014 by Öznur Pınar Çer during her graduate studies at Cyprus International University, Northern Cyprus.

MASK architects S.r.l.s. The company is young an international architecture and design firm was established in Sardinia, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey by Founder & Principal Öznur Pınar Çer and Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer Danilo Petta in the fields of priority public and cultural projects, workspaces,mix-use projects, luxury industrial design, medical design equipment and health, education, living space, yacht and watch design as well as production and master planning sectors across the world.

The office is led by a young award-winning Lead Architect & Architectural Designer  Öznur Pınar Çer and Luxury Watches, Industrial  & Computational Designer Danilo Petta.  More than 6 employees from 2 countries are able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge collected over three generations of building experience in addition to a worldwide network of partners and experts in a variety of disciplines. We combine expertise across sectors, locations, disciplines and all major building types to deliver a truly integrated way of working — resulting in high quality, effective and inspiring built spaces that take clients way beyond their expectations.

Our design vision is to combine Science, Architecture and Technology in the Parametric and Kinetic design field. We have been still improving ourselves in the design are Parametric Design, Robotic Fabrication and Construction, Mathematics, Art, Interactivity Design, Interactive and Kinetic Art Installations, Sustainability, Climate Changes, Interactive Movements, Human Physiology, Public Design Elements, Pavilion Structures and Engineered Technologies in Advanced Technology.

Our design philosophy is based on creating a ‘Magnetic Design Field Curve’ in the design, where they believe users as a “Magnetic Force” in the space getting attracted to something equally magnetic within the space.

MASK Architects projects are regularly featured in international prestigious architectural magazines such as Designboom, Archdaily, Archiproducts and beyond with more than 8 languages.

MASK Design Philosophy


Particles and Magnetic Field Behaviour in Design Strategy

MASK Architects and Design company has a design philosophy and approach for creating a `Magnetic Field design Curve´ on design progress. The design philosophy we use as `the main curve which is shaped the design´ is to describe how the magnetic force (people behaviour) is distributed in the surrounding space and within something magnetic.




 Vector behaviour which is particles (humans)  in the project represent the ` human behaviour ´ in the spatial area. Each of physical vector behaviour will take a shape according to human behaviour in space. Collective human behaviour draws a `main circulation vector of the axis curve´. Magnetic field lines naturally bunch together in regions where the magnetic field is the strongest. This means that the density of field lines indicate the strength of the ` larger and density set of public Space `.




Most of us have some familiarity with experienced usable of the space and recognise that there can be forces between them. We understand that magnets (required function on space) have two poles and that depending on the orientation of the circulation axis there can be an attraction (opposite poles) or repulsion (similar poles). We recognize that there is some region extending around functions where this happens. The magnetic field describes the main circulation curve with human behaves who are required to get experience with functions.

As animals use the geomagnetic field in many ways: the magnetic vector provides a compass; magnetic intensity and/or inclination play a role as a component of the navigational map, and magnetic conditions of certain regions act as, signposts‘ or triggers, eliciting specific responses. Therefore,  in technology and science, we have been searching for unknown space-human behaviour and orientation relations. We are using a magnetic field design curve to give the right human behaviour experience while the humans are using the space. The main curve which is called the magnetic design curve indicates a fluent circulation axis for users to find requirement functions.

Our design strategy is to provide a seamless and fluent circulation axis by using a magnetic design curve in the centre of the design.

Each person has a magnetic field orientation in their brain, and it only needs to show them the right orientation way to provide benefit from science and technology. This is a Magnetic field behaviour line that is provided by human behaviour in spatial areas Briefly its main circulation axis line provides separation with a group of function in each field around the main curve and provide an orientation for users through main the way on design curve.

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