MASK Architects has attend SOS Design Conference in Tallinn,Estonia

MASK Architects has attend SOS Design Conference in Tallinn,Estonia


 One of the founders of MASK Architects, Lead Architect Öznur Pınar ÇER  has attended as a speaker at SOS Design Conference during Tallinn Design Festival on September 23, 10 am in Estonia. She has presented two of our most important projects, which have received significant coverage in the world press, “I-Breathe Just” which has been designed for COVID cases, and “ OASYS+SYSTEM, Artificial-breathing modular palm structure in Abu Dhabi which has been designed for reducing the urban heat island effect referring theClimate Change”.

Öznur Pınar ÇER highlighted that ” The main source of the inspiration that we have been taking from is the diversity of our fields which we call Sustainable Architecture and Luxury Design. With this harmonization of two different disciplines under the one shelter, we have been working to create and identify a new discipline between Architecture and Design that has been using smart- technology harmoniously. But above all the first thing is “our first mission is to be a good Human before being a good Architect and Designer“. We are significantly caring about it at this point. Because we believe that being a good human is intensely affecting our way of thinking, when we are facing any problems, and need to find solutions. It’s awareness, empathizes and sensitivIty. In this process, we have been taking care of the relationship between human and nature, human and society, human and the environment. We embrace the problem-solving and healing capacities of design for social issues as a creative way to solve complex issues that trouble our cities today. Briefly, I would like to say that  Our role as Architect and Designers is not only to provide a service of architecture and luxury design. As long as we do not lose our human values, As Architect and Designer, our role is also to make our creativity available for the common good by responding, in emergencies such as directly to users’ needs. Mask Architects mission is so clear I can express those with these worlds.“Value, Respect, Human, and Human rights”. She says “The pandemic situation teaches us that even if we had an innovative solution with high-technology, we did not stop the amount of the death count. It was such a “wake up” call to the world. If there has not to nature, there has not human.” 

As the main exhibition of XVI Tallinn Design Festival, SOS Design selectively represents the works of shortlisted designers from the 2020 Global Design Graduate Show and takes place in cooperation with the world’s only digital platform for university graduates ARTS THREAD. Despite a difficult year for the graduates, the exhibition provides excellent solutions from more than 10 countries to curb the worldwide chaos, while also giving hope for the future of our creative industries. The examples are plenty: developing a connection with nature and increasing urban biodiversity by involving botany in digital architectural production; sustainable water management solutions; projects on disaster relief, refugees, the elderly, violence, agriculture, and even sex life in pandemic conditions.



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