INFINITO L01 I Signature Luxury Lifestyle

INFINITO L01 I Signature Luxury Lifestyle

The MASK architects have designed a unique luxury villa situated on an artificial island within the vibrant city of Dubai, integrated into a masterplan to stand as a distinctive landmark. The concept behind this villa is to showcase the essence of the masterplan while offering unparalleled luxury and privacy. The villa is strategically positioned on artificial hills, elevating the structure above ground level to create a striking visual presence. By lifting the villa, we have effectively separated it from the conventional ground floor layout, enhancing its prominence within the masterplan's landscape.

The floor layout is designed with careful consideration:The first floor hosts primary living areas, emphasizing public engagement and entertainment. It features expansive spa facilities, including a sauna, fitness center, and cinema room. Additionally, there are dedicated spaces for business meetings and healthy living initiatives. Guest rooms are thoughtfully integrated to ensure comfort and convenience for visitors. Adjacent to the public living space, a terrace hosts a large communal pool, fostering social interaction and enjoyment among residents and guests. An independent apartment is strategically located beside the pool, offering exclusive privacy for guests seeking a more secluded experience.


The owner's suite and associated amenities are discreetly positioned on the third floor, separated from the main building mass below. This arrangement enhances privacy and exclusivity for the villa's primary occupants. The panoramic pool on this level offers breathtaking vistas and a secluded retreat for relaxation.

A standout feature of the villa is the infinity pool, which complements the breathtaking views from the elevated position. The glass lift provides a dramatic entrance to this exclusive space, allowing residents to enjoy stunning vistas even before reaching their destination. A specially designed bathtub within this area ensures a unique and luxurious bathing experience connected to the infinity pool ambiance.

In conclusion, the luxury villa designed by MASK architects exemplifies the epitome of modern living within a dynamic urban context. It serves as a signature landmark on the artificial island, offering residents and guests an unparalleled experience in luxury, functionality, and privacy while embodying the essence of the Dubai masterplan.

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