Spray Foam Habitat on Mars built by Semi-Autonomous Drone Robots

Spray Foam Habitat on Mars built by Semi-Autonomous Drone Robots

   Spray foam covered modular bubbles for the mars habitat outlines plan settlement constructed by an array of pre-programmed, semi-autonomous drone robot prior to the eventual arrival of the people.The habitats would be built in 3 stages prior to the arrival of the people.

   Firstly, semi-autonomous drone robots programmed by robotic constructor would be delivered with inflatable bubble material(loaded and programmed) that they bind tightly each other and it would be surrounded all around the drone robots to ensure a safe landing .ınside of the main drone robot have other similar robots that would be divided such as atomic disintegration.The first stage to create bubble structure with inflatable bubble material will be built by drone robots.The second stage is that create local material is spray foam by autonomous robots that have been programmed by scientists.Spray foam covered material will be occurred in-situ using the elements of mars material by programmed autonomous-robots by robotic construction in advanced technology.

   Spray foam built material will provide thermal insulation, air barrier, sound barrier, it would protect harm against meteoric elements that they have on space. it stops the cold air from passing through. after that all stages, our main design will be built naturally in mars, the colour of the houses will be changed under the mars environmental condition, the main design will belong to essential mars topography.

   The future about the material is provided with an application on topography such as on the mountain, we will be used it on the mountain to create natural habitats, another stage will be scraping process by robots, after that main natural space that created by spray foam covered material is will be ready to humans on Mars.Consequently, we will create our essential spray foam material using local mars materials with our helper our semi-autonomous robots.

   The main drone which name is live's nucleus would be settled in the centre of the orbit axe to be referenced for another drone that would be surrounded around orbit axe.all those are severability and appendable .Other drones will be split off to settle intersection points on orbit axe.The main purpose of the bubbles which another settle inside of the main bubble is to increase resist and provide insulation with the mars in cold climatic conditions.

   A second bubble, to create a livable space for a human which placed inside of the main bubble,  will be built by surrounded of the drones that they settled intersection point on the arbit axe. between two bubbles in one module that have airspace which is about 4 meters, wide enough to produce oxygen and suitable for circulation by a human, in case of any problem. that space will be provided oxygen production by coming from surrounded green space where the settled intersection of the orbit axe. ın order to make a planet habitable, we would be solved one of two fundamental problems with this airspace producing by drone green space.

Diversity and Functionality of the Special Designed Drone Robots

   The diversity of the drone on mars that would be provided with an opportunity to create livable habitats in many different combinations by different size/units of the modules.in this way, combined bubble cities would be flexible, appendable and severability even that could be destroyable design. Design of the bubble city will be taken a form easily in case of different topography on Mars, even design of the bubble would be shaped in harmony according to the climatic condition.

   The functions of the drones are the hub of emergency (in case of damage), Buffer zone to provide accessibility between units, agriculture for producing oxygen and transportation to find new habitation on mars that will be provided by drone and would be settled right and left the side of the bubbles where area suitable for transportation.

Future of the Modules

   As the world has transformed, so have urban areas. Today, cities are home to 54 per cent of the world’s population, and by the middle of this century, that figure was rise to 66 per cent. In the result of the population of the world, the lack of the plot of land is extremely offering to discover a new planet. A mars which is better suited to scale up to host a multi-planetary civilization than any other planet from our solar system. A create habitats on Mars will be suitable for our bubble city  - expandable.

   The bubble structure of the shape is designed to be expandable, Growable, flexible, destroyable and mobile. Modules within the complex can move and destroyable if some bubble had a problem and needed to be destroyed. Creation growable units for a human being possible and it would be changeable according to the number of the family.  Appendable and severability design solution provides a higher quality of life to the inhabitants. Urbanization of the bubble cities will be expanded in case increasing population, built a new function such as education, healthcare, transportation, industries.