The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system

The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system

The Artificial Breathing Palm Modular Structure System

MASK Architects designed "Oasys+System" called "the artificial breathing palm modular structure system"  has one of ten winners of the ‘Cool Abu Dhabi’, a global design competition between more than 1,570 participants from 67 countriesThe Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge is aimed to attract creative ideas to tackle climate change & provide solutions for the urban heat island effect in significantly warmer areas of #AbuDhabi.

Lead Architect  The ‘Oasys’ as an Oasis that is located in the middle of the city to our allocated space in which we will transform the space into a comfortable habitable area for the residents of Abu Dhabi. We see and realize the need for such a measure to be taken to create such spaces in our developing societies. As Abu Dhabi seeks to grow its vibrant and diverse city, it can be seen that it has growing industries in tourism, education, finance, and culture that allow Abu Dhabi to thrive. So we agree that outdoor thermal comfort installments are important to public and private spaces as well as the sectors that will see the ease of threat from climate change to urban development and society. We have designed an Oasis that protects Abu Dhabi’s residents and makes their lives more environmentally sustainable and healthy for them to be able to use outdoor spaces more effectively in their daily routines. It is important that we keep the residents socially and physically engaged with their surroundings by increasing their desire to interact with outdoor spaces. So we have designed a multi-use space in which it will act as a refuge from the surrounding areas that are overheated. There can be temporary pop-up stands, cafes, sitting areas, exhibitions sites, nature retreats, etc. At the Oasis we have created answers to all the issues of modern urban and social space development that we face in such environments in the region. Our design stands as a barrier from heat, UV rays, noise, and wind. The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system, ‘Oasys’ is inspired by palm leaves to create a real oasis. You can see that already it has a unique aesthetic look from the surrounding areas as well as keeping in touch with the local cultural heritage and landscape of historical and modern design. The “Oasis” design concept has been influenced by the need to create a greener city as well as creating a real oasis in the middle of the city. The Oasis is designed not only for today but for the future in mind too. We also offer to distribute the ‘The Oasys design concept’ around Abu Dhabi to make the city greener. Besides the flexible and replaceable design line, any outdoor functions are adapted easily into the ‘Oasys’ concept mechanism that can be replicated easily to form a network of hubs and centre points in which they act as islands of rest places, socializing and sociable communal for the collective and community. The modular design allows groupings of the palm structures that can be implemented in various and multiple spaces of all scales and environments as each module is scalable to need. The foundations that house all the water storage and vital equipment will be set up first to the appointed land where cooling is required. Our installation modules can be temporary as to when needed and focus on the shoulder months of May to October as well as permanent. The palm canopies are underlined with nozzles that spray mist into the air to create a cooler environment. This in return will keep the temperature low and controllable in the Oasis area. We wanted to create cool and breathable outdoor spaces. We will collect and harvest solar energy with solar panels placed on the roofs of the palms. With the foundation housing storage units, we will be able to store electricity as well as able to distribute it at outlet points. The palms and branches of the structure allow protection from wind and sound. We would like to block out all external effects from the surrounding area and stop them from entering the space, as wind and noise. This allows for creating a calm and peaceful environment. We also will have the trees surrounding the structure to create an extra-eco space. This will also help with deflecting wind and sound and creating fresh air and creating habitat and sanctuary for birds.

When it turns dark, the lights come on. Fitted under the palms are lights that will be interactive. They will be used to create a mood-setting environment for each and any occasion. Blue lights on the modules will resemble the Sky, as the yellow lights represent the Sun and green is also a reflection of Ecology. ‘The Artificial Breathing Palm modular structure system´ will act as an atmosphere would be also an Exhibition space for Art Installations, design weeks, and so on, we are sure that the atmosphere will excite the users from children to the elder people.

Foundation base on nominated land around Abu Dhabi

The advantage of the flexible modular system design is that the foundation base will house all of the functional technical data (water and electric supplier pipes and the steel structure) will be distributed and built upon all selected and marked land to provide a network of foundations for future requirements. Briefly, we are to offer a service to set up the base foundations on all nominated land areas for the Cooling Design around Abu Dhabi. After we have built and distributed the foundations on nominated land, we will have a network grid of foundation bases ready, meanwhile, the land can and will be used as any public zone, ready for when the site needs any cooling system. The process of setting up the system is very easy and quick as we already have foundations set up with the essential equipment (water, electric and structure requirements).
While our structures can be temporary, it is important that we are able to keep them up to create a spatial area for permanent social spaces.





Modular System that can extendable by adding branch pieces

We have different dimensions and scales based on 5 modules which are A, B, C, D and E. With this in mind, our structure can be set up to any variation needed and necessary for the space it is intended for. All our modules can connect together with their different scales to create unique spaces. We can group each module in different variations and customise each design layout and make it a bespoke setup for its intended use at each space. With this function, the design and setup are scalable to any area size required. This allows it to be mobile in any space or land of Abu Dhabi in which this cooling system is required. Modular branch pieces will provide a variety height creation with using the modules A,B,C,D and E to create different height requirements on outdoor comfort conditions. Inside of the branch will have space to technical equipment to provide a clear and order construction technique and modifying.
The foundation base will house all of the functional technical data (water and electric suppliers pipes and the steel structure) will be distributed and built up on all the selected and marked land to provide a network of foundations for future requirements. The foundation has all the required equipment for the mist cooling system and steel construction elements of the Oasys structure. The foundation also provides housing for the water tank and solar energy collector which comes from the solar panels located on the roof.

System Section with mist Cooling System in Structure

The main body of the steel structure is connected with the concrete foundation ay basement level. Each Oasys system has the main steel structure in the middle of the body. Interconnecting beams that are joined through the main steel structure are all run through the middle. Therefore, all loads which are dead and live are transferring with the main steel structure of the body centrally.
We created a double-layered surface to create a gap between the main steel structure and the finished cladding material. The gap will provide exterior dote lighting equipment requirements, it will be illuminated by lighting. Exterior cladding material is 30% glossed-transparency material, with the double-layered gap that will provide a deepness perception. When you look at the bottom surfaces, we have 26 pieces of the custom-patterned-perforated and illuminated metal surfaces that has a Custom Designed Cooling Nebulizing Nozzle with Fun System. The nozzles and lighting circles are mixed randomly together to provide different variation. Custom Designed Cooling Nebulizing Nozzle with Fun System high-pressure misting fans on the land that are extremely effective in lowering the temperature on an outdoor patio by up to 30 degrees. These misting fans are equipped with Custom Designed Cooling Nebulizing Nozzle with Fun System that releases a fine mist of water into the air. The water mist evaporates when contacting with the air to provide maximum cooling without the residual effects of moisture or wetting the ground. The high pressure misting fans will enable citizens to spend countless hours outside, even amidst extreme heat and humidity. High-pressure systems can more effectively control odours and dust. Mist can also clean the surrounding area away from dust, smoke, and other common pollutants. High-pressure systems will bring immense relief to pets suffering from the oppressive heat. Battery-powered and self-powering water timers, ACP Controller, flow meter, time, pressure and temperature sensors are also available in our Oasys system. Through the smart temperature sensor, it can provide different high-pressures according to the requirement of the outdoor comfort conditions. All system will be adjustable and controllable by technological advancement (Smartphone applications and Arduino electronic cards).

Individually and as a group on Land with different functions.

At the same time, the modular variation can be used in groups, or they can even be distributed individually depending on required variations and use in the public space. As you can see, the area under the canopy can provide many different functions of social space for example sitting, cafe, playground, open-reading zone...etc.So our design will provide any requirements with the option of flexibility, expand-ability, development and open design solution.

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