Venice Biennale  2020 I Hole Zero

Venice Biennale 2020 I Hole Zero


This design, which exists in three dimensions of the transformation of space, time and architecture into space, is an example of kinetic architecture. It is an interactive project that reflects the power of architecture from the human movement to the front and shows the strong interplay of architecture with a human. This is the first spiral movement, interactive and rotated lattice loop structure on the world which is controlled with a kinetic art installation by human movements.

What is the Black Hole?

Blackhole, in astrophysics, is a massive cosmic body whose gravitational field is so powerful that it does not allow any material formation and radiation to escape from it. The black hole can also be said to be an object created by collecting a certain quantity of matter to a point in space. Such objects are characterised as black since they do not emit light. Because of their "singularity", black holes are considered to be non-three dimensional and have zero volume. It is estimated that time flows slowly or not in the black holes. Black holes are defined by Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Black holes are a natural consequence of Einstein’s theory of gravity, General Relativity. Rather than thinking of gravity as a force in the conventional sense, General Relativity says that it is a result of spacetime curving. The presence of matter causes spacetime to curve around it, such as bending to 4-dimensions of  ‘SPACE and TIME.’

The Design of Hole Zero

The aim of the project is to handle ‘Black Hole and 4D dimension in Space with ’Time-Space-Existing’ subject and creation unique, infinite spiral loop black hole with kinetic art installation realised by human motions and movements. The curvature created in ‘SPACE and TIME’ has so extreme spiral loop around a structure that beyond a certain point symbolises an infinite loop on space and existing time. The curvature of the form is inspirations from ‘Spacetime Curving’ which represents the ‘Time-Space-Existing in Architectural spatial curvature form, uninterrupted-curve revolved around the form, takes a shape with lattice metal structure. The spiral lattice structure which is in the form of a continuous loop ensures the formation of the main form with an uninterrupted flow. This uninterrupted and successive, endless form is a representative state of a black hole found in architecture. The reflected structural elements used in the facade were used to bring the building closer to the visitor. This structure, which is composed of these building elements that act according to the attitudes of the visitors, is an example of kinetic architecture in this sense.All loop paths of the curvature of the spine surfaces lead to combining the centre of black hole pavilion. So not even users can escape from within this surface. This is an exactly ‘black hole’. Users can take an imaginary trip to in black hole, play our intergalactic adventures kinetic installation structures and be the first to explore a black hole. With its interactive structure which draws from the movements of those visitors who pass by the pavilion, notice their attentions with its structure and invites visitors to perceive the whole ´black hole´ experience. 

Time is the path where the users can experience all spatial of the black hole that would be either inner and outer space. Space which is meant by main loop structure ‘black hole’. Existing which is meant human movements and how it uses and experiences structure and art installation. Each of the visitors represents ‘time changing in existing time’ while walking on through the path around ‘black hole.’ Time absolutely depends on visitors speed such as ‘the speed of the lights on space’ and Einstein’s theory of gravity. This is the first rotating lattice loop structure on the world which is filled with rectangular kinetic art modulus installation. The structure will be sustainable alive structure by wind, sun and human movements while they are controlled as a digitally at the same time. Structured main body with lattice metal elements filled with rectangular kinetic modules. Each of the rectangular kinetic modules will provide rotation around themselves from it has own pivot points which are located its own at the left and right side of the loop structure by human movements and reactions.

Visitors can do their own time with this modular kinetic art movements with using their speed of the walking, creation of the magnetic field effects using with their body movements of the space. They will live their own time and provide experience with this installation. They can also change ‘existing’ with kinetic art movement installation that using with their motions in the space. ’Space and Time’ were interwoven into a single continuum known as ‘space-time’ existing is also realise the movement of the visitors on the path. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another. Since every movement of visitors will be different from each other, the reflection of every movement in the structure will be unique. These infinite parameters will add a new dynamic to the design in itself and make the building new every moment. A new façade experience, a new indoor experience, or different light experiences are just some of the different experiences that the building will offer in this mobility. This work, which is the product of parametric design, offers endless possibilities which make this structure a unique project in this context.

The main loop structure has an inner and outer surface are materialised different options which are stainless steel-painted aluminium and solar panels. Inner colour has ‘black dark-glassy solar panels’ while outer facade of the ‘Rectangular bricks pieces’ coloured with mirrored Stainless Steel-painted aluminium. Both colours of the materials move together to create mesmerising visualisations.

The Implementation of Hole Zero 

The total height of the structure is 6.50 cm, total deepness is also 4.50 cm, wideness is 6.50 cm. All same rectangular modular design system is rotated on a spiral lattice loop structure. As a construction capability and cost-saving, we are proposed to use similar size and dimensions one modular system. Modular Structural installation on construction time also provides ‘time saving’ and easy production way for all in part of the construction. With this structural installation, we have offered a modular construction technique to save time and money for all disciplines. All ‘Rectangular Brick pieces’ are extremely unique in that, while they are controlled digitally, they are entirely kinetic and do not utilise screens.The edge of the rotated lattice loop structure has aluminium led profile to provide lighting with led strip elements. Through the Uninterrupted flow, lights effect will provide real black hole light animation in night and day.