Hope:Earthshield on Space

Hope:Earthshield on Space

In the last century, a new ecological problem has arisen: “global warming and global climate change”. The process is caused by human activity, particularly by the ever-growing emissions of “greenhouse gases” that have increased dramatically since the industrial revolution. These relatively recent human developments have altered the delicate balance of atmospheric gases that regulate the Earth’s temperature and have generated a threat of global proportions.

The result: mankind and the world have not been in such danger since the last ice age about 7000 years ago. Time is running out for the human race and only bold “planetary engineering” actions will be able to revert the process. In this context, the new frontline of the battle against global warming must be moved to space.

This project presents the design of a shield of space mirrors to deflect sunlight as a countermeasure to solve the global warming threat. This giant shield, with a radius of 800 km, would be located at Lagrange Point L1, between the Earth and the Sun.

The functionality of the shield would go far beyond the deflection of sunlight and tackle the very root cause of the global warming threat: energy generation. Energy transformers on the shield’s surface would harness the power of sunlight, which would be sent back to Earth using wireless energy transfer technology. This would effectively end the world’s dependency on fossil fuels, giving rise to a sustainable world.

An endeavor of such gigantic proportions requires an equally impressive supporting infrastructure: a permanent international space colony that would undertake the task of constructing the shield. This is a critical part of the project that will only be possible through international cooperation and the support of the United Nations. For this reason, the language used for the project would be Esperanto, conceived as a medium for international understanding, which literally translates as “one who hopes”.

The proposed design for the colony is the following:rotating wheel-shaped stations to create an environment of artificial gravity combined with an artificial magnetosphere acting as a radiation protection shield.

These technological solutions will enable “Civitas Solis” (“The City of the Sun”), dream of philosophers for centuries, to become real.

Location of Earthshield

   A Lagrange point is a location in space where the combined gravitational forces of two large bodies, such as Earth and the sun, equal the centrifugal force felt by a much smaller third body. The interaction of forces creates a point of equilibrium.

   There are 5 lagrange points around major bodies. The interaction of the forces creates a point of equilibrium. The first point L1, where the Earthshield composed of trillion small disks is located, lies between Earth and the sun, 1,5 million kilometers above earth. (Much smaller than what is shown in this simplified diagram)

Solar Power Stations

   Solar power stations use an array of mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays on photovoltaic cells. The electricity produced is converted into a powerful microwave beam directed at an antenna on Earth, where it is converted back into electricity.

Artificial Magnetosphere

   It is built an electrical conductor around the Earthshield.This electro-magnet would form an artificial magnetic field. Fatal cosmic rays arriving at the Earthshield from the sun and space cannot pass beyond this protective region.

Material Supply

   Asteroid mining has an essential role in construction and continuity of the project. Minerals and volatiles are mined from asteroids and comets are used as construction materials and rocket propellant. These include gold, iridium, silver, osmium, palladium, platinum, for transport back.; iron, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, aluminium and titanium for construction; water and oxygen to sustain life of the colony.